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Finding a home for Sam


Sam came to Sunrise's Spring Meadows Center last June, struggling with family trauma. His biological father's rights were terminated due to long-term abuse that was inflicted on Sam, his sisters, and his mother. Sam's biological mother was unresponsive to his phone calls, and Sam was not allowed contact with his sisters who were in a foster home.

In spite of these setbacks, Sam was determined to work incredibly hard. From June to November, Sam worked with Sunrise Therapist Amanda Bradford to increase his social skills, improve his grades, learn effective anger management skills, overcome his depression, and stabilize his trauma. But in January, Sam was told that his mother was voluntarily terminating her parental rights. In February, he had a goodbye visit with his mother and sisters. "Needless to say, it was heart wrenching," said Amanda. "Sam was so devastated yet so brave."

The ending of Sam's success story is yet to be written. But Sunrise is committed to doing everything possible so that Sam's story has a happy ending. Amanda shares why she wants this for him: "Sam easily steals your heart with his bright spirit and resilient personality. He is a kiddo that has experienced so much trauma and is deserving of stability and happiness." She went on to add that because of Sam's hard work at Sunrise's Spring Meadows Center, he has gained skills necessary to be matched with a family that can give him the love he so desperately longs for and deserves. She remains hopeful that the right family is out there somewhere for Sam. Could it be yours?

Will you pray for Sam? Will you consider giving to Sunrise so that Sam and others will discover a bright future? Are you willing to open up your heart and home to the many "Sams" out there longing to be held and loved? Your prayers and your support are what Sunrise kids need the most, and what can help make finding a home for Sam and others possible.

For more information about Sunrise foster care, visit us online at https://www.sunrise.org/becoming-a-foster-parent/, or call (855)33.iCare.

*Name has been changed to protect the identity of individual.

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