"Shine Like Stars In The World" Philippians 2:15
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This is Oneida: More thoughts from the Class of 2018


Male student from Nigeria: "I absolutely enjoyed my time here at Oneida. It was a real eye-opener in which I made lifetime friends and was showered with love and grace by wonderful staff members. I'm grateful for everything I experienced here, as it helped me grow physically, mentally and, most importantly, spiritually."

Male student from Colorado: "OBI has been a blessing to me. I never expected to have this small school have such a huge impact on my life. The staff have influenced me a in multitude of positive ways and OBI helped me turn my life around."

Female student from Virginia: "OBI has become my home away from home. OBI has helped me become the person I am today. My time at OBI has been an enjoyable experience, and I will miss my friends and teachers."

Female student from Virginia: "During my time at Oneida, I learned a lot of leadership skills and strengthened my relationship with God. I grew spiritually and physically and bonded with a lot of the faculty and staff. I made everlasting memories with my friends and built friendships that will last past graduation and into adulthood."

Male student from Manchester, Ky.: "OBI is a blessing for those who don't know Christ as their Savior or have a troubled life. I will tell others about the amazing time I've had here."

Male student from Papua New Guinea: "I think OBI has helped me grow as a person and helped me to be more thankful for what I have. In my country, not a lot of kids have this privilege, so I am thankful for that."

Male student from Oneida: "I came to OBI in my 7th grade year and many times felt like giving up, but I never did. I had so many amazing teachers help me get through this. I'm so grateful for the opportunity this school has given me, and I'll forever be grateful."

Male student from Ethiopia: "OBI gave me the chance to learn more about different cultures and grow further in my Christian journey."

Female student from Oneida: "I've learned to be patient and that God has a plan for everything, and He will always work it out."

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