Clear Creek Chronicle: Graduation memories

By Donnie Fox

Published: June 12, 2018

At graduation our graduates share their fondest memories of their time as a student and we wanted to share a few of those with you. Whether on campus, online or both, these students answered God's call to pursue education for ministry at Clear Creek. Some will continue their education while others are entering full-time ministry. We ask you to pray over them as they continue to follow God in ministry.

"Since I was in my teens, I have served in various staff positions in churches in Florida, Oklahoma, Mississippi and Kentucky as full time, part time and volunteer. I hold a BA in Vocal Music from the University of South Florida and a Master of Church Music from SBTS. The last thing I felt I needed or wanted was another degree to hang on the wall. But as I started in my first pastorate at 59 years of age, I felt the need for some form of training and guidance that would help me to have a better foundation for what God has called me to at this time. The Bivocational certificate program has met that need." —Lester Fox, Bivocational Certificate.

"My fondest memories from my time at Clear Creek are of meeting my husband, learning how to serve and support him in ministry and developing friendships with some of the greatest people. I want to thank my husband for his leadership, prayers and unconditional love. I also want to thank (our families) for supporting us and praying for us. I am grateful to the college for allowing us the opportunity to study here and our Heavenly Father for calling us here and providing for us daily." –Rainey Duttry, Associate of Arts.

"I have learned compassion and patience while at Clear Creek, but my fondest memory is getting married. I have my family to thank for pushing me to continue and finish my degree but I owe the most appreciation to my husband, Michael." —Kari Chadwick, Bachelor of Arts.

"I always enjoyed my Old and New Testament courses. Each course provided me more opportunity to learn about God's word. My experience at Clear Creek has been a blessing and I hope to bless others through all that I learned and experienced here." —Andrew Blackwell, Bachelor of Arts.