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Foster Parenting: The ultimate missions experience


As we approach the end of spring, my guess is that you and your church have already made plans for summer missions trips or projects. Even so, it is always good to be on the look-out for the latest ministry opportunities and missions experiences that God may be calling you to. With that in mind, allow me to ask: Have you ever considered foster parenting? (Please feel free to gulp down that last drink of coffee before continuing).

Think about it. Instead of having to go overseas, or to another state, or to the other end of town, these beautiful, bright-eyed "missions experiences" will come right to your door, and into your home. Will you take these words of Jesus to heart: "Let the children come to me"?

The need is critical. The reported number of youth in custody of the state has reached more than 9,000 and continues to increase every month.

At Sunrise Children's Services, we are in urgent need of parents who will open up their homes and hearts to kids longing for hope and healing. Will yours be one of those homes? Will you be one of those parents?

If your answer is yes, take heart. You will not go through this journey alone. And like any missions experience, you will come out of it most certainly changed. "God used our foster care and adoptive journey to further mold us more into the image of Jesus Christ," shared Matt Shamblin, senior pastor of Rose Hill Baptist Church in Ashland.

And at Sunrise, we want to walk alongside you in that journey of foster parenting. We are committed to surrounding you with the support and training you need, every step of the way. This is how Mark Gill, pastor of Grand Rivers Baptist Church in Grand Rivers, responded when asked why someone should consider fostering through Sunrise: "For us, it was about the ministry. Through Sunrise, we had a feeling that we were part of an actual ministry—a God, Christian-based ministry. That's kind of how we always looked at it. We had that ministry support. It was a ministry that we took on. It was for us."

If you believe foster parenting is for you, or you simply want more information, please connect with Sunrise by calling 855.33.iCARE or visit us online at https://www.sunrise.org/becoming-a-foster-parent/. We'd love to help you plan your next ultimate "missions experience"!

David Lyninger is associate director of communications for Sunrise Children's Services.

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