This is Oneida: 'Forever in my heart'

By Larry Gritton

Published: May 15, 2018

Each spring we recognize staff members who have reached 5, 10, 15 years, etc. of service. The following are comments from some of our faithful servants who were recognized this year.

"Serving at OBI is a humbling experience. I came to serve at OBI because the Lord called me here after finishing college. I had no doubt about this calling the day when the Lord revealed to me that I would return to Oneida. However, I like to think it all started in my 5th-grade year when my teacher taught me how to understand fractions. I smiled and looked at her and said, 'I'm going to be a teacher just like you and teach right here in Oneida.'

"She chuckled and replied, 'I think that is a fine idea.' Little did she know 13 years later I would be standing in the same one-room school house teaching 3rd- 5th grade just as she had done. Our God is a providential God. I love Oneida for all it stands for; God is so good.

"This is the absolute best place God has called me to serve. The ability to reach young people from literally around the world combined with the ability to work with many different people is amazing.

"God didn't give me a job; He gave me much, much more. He gave me a place to serve and call home, a group of people to work with who are like family, and students that are more important than they will ever know. I may not have kids of my own, but I have been blessed with hundreds of very special cherubs to call mine over the years. Once they've passed through my classroom door, they are no longer strangers or just students; they are forever in my heart.

"After 20 years I still feel blessed to be a part of the ministry here at OBI, I see the Lord working in the lives of students every day. The thing I like most is seeing so many positive changes in students, especially if they make a profession of faith while they are here.

"God led me to serve at OBI to minister to students just like those who ministered to me when I was a student here. I gave my life to Christ Jesus as a student here because I saw and was shown God's love through the faculty and staff. Even before I graduated, I felt God wanted me to be a witness for Christ and help students in some way as I was given so much help to get my life back on track.

"When the Lord led us here, we had no idea what a huge blessing we would receive in being a part of His ministry here at OBI. We are so thankful."