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State WMU executive director search continues


LOUISVILLE—The Kentucky WMU executive director-treasurer search committee is in the process of receiving application packets for the position.

In February and March, the committee, who has been in the search process since Joy Bolton announced her intent to retire in November, sent out a survey to WMU staff, their WMU executive board, associational WMU leaders, directors of mission and other partners and received 88 responses.

The search committee "has gained much insight into what survey participants feel is important in the next KY WMU leader," said Benita Decker, chairperson of the search committee.

The next steps for the committee will be to review the application packets using criteria gleaned from the survey results, select candidates to be interviewed, interview the prospective candidates, determine the best candidate, and present the candidate to the WMU executive board.

"The committee has spent a great amount of time in prayer, both privately and corporately, throughout the process," Decker added. "We will continue to seek God's guidance as we search for the next person to lead KY WMU. We ask all our WMU sisters and brothers to pray for the committee, this process, and for the next person God is choosing to lead KY WMU."

Application packets should include a resume, the applicant's story/testimony and three references. Packets will be accepted until April 30 and may be sent to kywmuedsearch@gmail.com. (WR)

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