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Clear Creek Chronicle: Online student transitions to campus


"God, if this is your will that we move on campus, then I'll lose my job."

It's a bold prayer that student John Falotico prayed as he struggled with the decision to transition from an online to campus student and move from Alabama to the campus of Clear Creek Baptist Bible College.

"I was searching for schools and I found plenty," said Falotico. "My pastor at the time, David Wilson, was from Danville, Ky., (and) told me Clear Creek was 'the finest preaching school in the state of Kentucky.'"

At the time, John was already studying pastoral ministries through another avenue.

"I was taking some classes through seminary extension and Dr. Randy Williams also brought up Clear Creek."

John, his wife Hope, and their three sons visited Clear Creek in October 2015 and planned on moving to campus for the upcoming semester, but family circumstances delayed their move and John went online instead.

The longer they stayed in Alabama, however, the harder it became to move.

"I had a wonderful job—great pay, great benefits, Hope didn't have to work," said John. "There were all those blessings, but something really and truly just didn't feel right about it and you ask yourself, 'Is this where God wants me or is this temptation?' So I started praying."

John saw the answer to his bold prayer in fall 2017 when he lost his job.

"(On) Sept. 15 I got a phone call that the owner of my company had passed away," said John. "Our company was a huge company in our industry. He had it in his will for it to be shut down."

John and Hope began the process of moving to Kentucky and in December 2017 moved on campus to settle in before the spring semester. It was not what John had imagined happening, but he stepped out in faith regardless, seeing how God prepared them for the move.

"Bills were paid off at that time," said John. "Things just started working out."

John, Hope and their three sons—Balen (13), Chandler (12) and Tony (9)—now live on campus and are excited to be where God wants them.

Donnie Fox is president of Clear Creek Baptist Bible College, 300 Clear Creek Road, Pineville, KY 40977; toll-free: (866) 340-3196; ccbbc.edu; dfox@ccbc.edu.

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