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Being a deacon, one of toughest jobs in church


BOWLING GREEN—After pastors, deacons may have one of the most challenging servant positions in the church.

Southern Baptist deacons are the greeters and the comforters. The fixers and the tough decision makers. And above all, deacons are expected to be Christ-like as they help the church grow and carry out its mission to share the gospel.

To help navigate all the volunteer position entails, both in public and private life, the Kentucky Baptist Convention is presenting Being a Biblical Deacon in Bowling Green on April 21.

"Serving Christ's bride as a deacon is an honor that comes with great responsibility," said Paul Chitwood, executive director of the Kentucky Baptist Convention.

Chitwood said he's thankful for the deacons who decided to visit his home, an old rented house on Provins Street in Jellico, Tenn. His story is probably like many Christians living in small towns across the state where someone, usually a deacon, took the time to visit them at home and extend an invitation to church. A simple gesture that started them on a course to salvation.

Joining Chitwood as speakers at Eastwood Baptist Church are Travis Farris, senior pastor of Walnut Memorial Baptist Church in Owensboro, Eastwood Lead Pastor Tom James and Curtis Woods, KBC's associate executive director for convention relations. Topics include the roles and responsibilities of a deacon, biblical requirements for the position, expectations in the private lives of deacons, and a description of what a deacon is not.

Cost is $10 and includes lunch. To register, go to www.kybaptist.org/biblicaldeacon. (KBC)

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