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DR volunteers bring clean water to Ugandan refugees


NORTHERN UGANDA—Three volunteers with Kentucky Baptist Disaster Relief returned on Feb. 22 from a well-repair trip to refugee camps in Uganda.

Matt Stickel, Ron Wilson and Robert Puttoff repaired wells and pumps in four refugee camps in Northern Uganda. "These wells will provide clean water to thousands of refugees from South Sudan, who have been driven from their homes by civil war, violence and persecution," Coy Webb, Kentucky Baptist Disaster Relief director, said.

The Kentucky DR team that repaired wells in refugee camps in Northern Uganda also trained native converts to do the same.

In addition, the team trained eight native believers to repair pumps themselves. Most of those trained were former Muslims who became believers and who have a heart to see South Sudan reached with the Gospel.

Because wells are often the only source of clean water in many refugee camps, when the pumps become damaged, camps are often left without drinkable water. Webb shared that the believers will not only have a means of supporting their families now, but the door for the Gospel will be opened because hundreds of wells in Uganda and throughout camps need repair.

A Kentucky Dr team repaired broken wells, providing clean water for refugee camps in Northern Uganda.

"The team also brought back news of how the work that previous Kentucky DR teams completed in the area continues to be a tool to grant International Mission Board missionaries access to these camps."

"These guys on the team were rock stars," Jeremy Taliaferro, IMB missionary, told Webb in a message thanking him for the team's work.

"This project is bringing clean water and the living water of Christ to thousands of people who need the hope of Christ," Webb continued. "We give thanks for this team." (WR)

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