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EBO at Work: EBO helping Hope Central


A few weeks ago the Kentucky WMU Finance Committee considered 88 requests for funds from the 2017-18 Eliza Broadus Offering. The work across our state is wonderful. Ministries which reflect the spirit of Matthew 25:35-40 are found in Kentucky through ministries to the poor, addicted, lonely, pregnant, hungry, incarcerated, disabled, unemployed, homeless, and more.

A new ministry for EBO funding this year is Hope Central, a ministry of Central Baptist Church, Ashland. Rather than duplicating the work of other ministries, they direct people to other ministries to meet many needs. Then Hope Central helps people learn to take care of themselves through GED tutoring, their GROW program (an urban garden ministry), and the Employment Initiative Program which helps with job training skills and placement. The main focus of Hope Central is their commitment to lead others to Christ. Everything they do revolves around the truth that without Christ, there is no hope.

Renee Parsons, director of Hope Central, brought a display to the Creative Ministries Festival last year and sent us this note after the event: "I had such an amazing time at Creative Ministries Festival and learned a lot about the power of the arts. So much so, that as the promotional arm of Hope Central, we have created ACTS: Ashland Christian Traveling Stage. It is a theatrical guild that does everything from plays and sketches to music and juggling, and anything in between…. We travel to churches, community events, youth or WMU groups, and anywhere we get invited. We work with our local community theater who provides us access to sets and costumes, and we had sound equipment donated with 16 head mics. Thank you for the inspiration, and for all you do!"

In November one of our Kentucky Acteens Winter Weekend events was held in Ashland. After a poverty simulation learning experience, Acteens worked with Hope Central, experienced community needs firsthand, and discovered ways to help in their own towns.

This is EBO at work on several levels. EBO is at work in Ashland helping Hope Central meet needs and share the gospel. EBO is at work through the Creative Ministries Festival teaching students how to share the gospel creatively. EBO is at work through missions experiences for Acteens. And by extension, EBO is at work through the new creative arts team that took ideas from CMF and put them to work, as well as through the Acteens that took ministry ideas to use at home.

Your gifts to the Eliza Broadus Offering make an eternal impact!

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