Clear Creek Chronicle: Clear Creek student earns scholarship with winning essay

Part 2

By Donnie Fox

Published: February 6, 2018

Clear Creek student David Ledo recently won a scholarship with an essay he wrote that answered the question, "How has the internet impacted your education?"

I know you will enjoy reading the conclusion to his winning answer.

"The second time the internet surged my education was when I was 17. During this period, I found out my dad had lung cancer. Within three months my dad died. My mom could not make ends meet on her own, so I quit school to take up two jobs to help pay for bills so that my two younger siblings could have an education and future.

"The irony is that I had one of the highest graduation test scores before I dropped out. I was convinced I could not do anything else in my life until someone recommended to me that I get my GED. I did not have any books or the means to buy them. My entire paycheck was going to my mom to help us survive.

"A school guidance counselor told me to check out the internet. She told me that there a vast number of test prep and academic self-study tools online. I went to my local library and checked out the website links that she sent me and within a month, I had my GED. I never thought that I would be able to go to college. I realized if this was on the internet, what else would there be. The next thing I know I was applying for college through the internet. The internet gave me hope. It gave me a future."

"Older generations do not realize the impact of the internet. They feel like technology is making people distant and is the cause of social decay. The reality of that situation is not true. The internet allowed me to learn English. The internet gave me a second chance at education. The internet connected everyone on the planet on one virtual common ground.

"You can reach anyone with the stroke of a keyboard through email. We are not only able to spread our ideas and opinions across the planet, but even students who have a failing immune system who could never be in a classroom are able to have perfect attendance through a webcam. The internet did not impact my education but instead saved it."