"Shine Like Stars In The World" Philippians 2:15
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This is Oneida: Please pray for OBI in 2018


1. Pray our students understand the gospel.

2. Pray students and staff spend time with the Lord.

3. Pray students will seek purity.

4. Pray students will seek Godly counsel.

5. Pray students will choose Godly friends.

6. Pray students would be humble.

7. Pray for staff unity.

8. Pray students would be honest and have a spirit of integrity.

9. Pray students would love justice.

10. Pray students would respect themselves, others and authority.

11. Pray for good Christian conduct as our students travel and represent OBI.

12. Pray students would develop a good work ethic.

13. Pray for social maturity and wisdom in choosing relationships.

14. Pray for student scholastic achievement.

15. Pray for student physical growth.

16. Pray for student personal safety.

17. Pray that student speech would be God honoring.

18. Pray for student wisdom in choosing a career.

19. Pray students would obtain salvation.

20. Pray students would grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus.

21. Pray students would learn to live a life of love.

22. Pray students would develop self-control.

23. Pray students would develop a love for the Word.

24. Pray for staff cooperation.

25. Pray for staff appreciation for each other.

26. Pray students would learn to be merciful.

27. Pray students would develop strong self-esteem.

28. Pray for prospective students who would be good for OBI.

29. Pray for prospective students that OBI could help develop.

30. Pray for students to be faithful.

31. Pray for students to develop courage.

32. Pray for students to develop a spirit of kindness.

33. Pray students would develop the virtue of compassion.

34. Pray students would develop and enjoy a spirit of generosity.

35. Pray students would become peace-loving.

36. Pray that past donors will be blessed for their generosity.

37. Pray students would develop a strong sense of responsibility.

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