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EDITORIAL: Amundson motion may make churches make a choice


Homosexuality continues to divide our churches and our culture as differing Baptist groups discern a biblical response to changing societal norms.

In what was an otherwise quiet convention meeting in Louisville, a motion during the morning session may have produced some intrigue, but not controversy. Somerset pastor Ed Amundson sought to authorize a standing committee to monitor the moral and theological positions of the 1,800-church Cooperative Baptist Fellowship and determine whether dually-aligned congregations should remain in good standing with the Kentucky Baptist Convention.

Unless you’ve been following the Fellowship’s ongo-ing discussions over dropping its 17-year-old policy against hiring gays, some KBC messengers probably were left wondering just what Amund-son’s motion was all about. His concern focuses on a six-member Illumination Project Committee—appointed in 2016 and comprised of CBF Governing Board members—that has been tasked with exploring how the Fellowship can remain united despite holding diverse opinions on homosexuality.

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