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EDITORIAL: Know what is happening among Kentucky Baptists


Even before the formation of the General Association of Baptist in Kentucky in 1837 (now the Kentucky Baptist Convention), the Western Recorder and its predecessors kept Kentucky Baptists informed and inspired.

Soon after the first preachers arrived, Baptist newspapers began appearing, according to a chapter written by former Western Recorder Editor Chauncey Daley in “Baptists in Kentucky, 1776-1976,” which commemorated the nation’s bicentennial. Almost without exception preachers started these publications, notes Daley. While mostly sermons and religious articles, “early Baptist periodicals contained more than devotional and inspirational materials, doctrinal exposition and debate,” he observes. “They served then as they have throughout Kentucky Baptist history on the cutting edge of Baptist growth and organization.”

Although its heritage can be traced back to late 1825 or early 1826, the Western Recorder has served as the principal paper for Kentucky Baptists since 1851 and was later purchased by the Kentucky Baptist Convention in 1919. The Western Recorder continues its significant task today of telling the story of Kentucky Baptists, encouraging their churches, associations and convention in advancing the Kingdom of God across Kentucky and beyond. Again and again, the Western Recorder has proven it is crucial in encouraging and challenging our churches and leadership as we press forward on mission together.

With each issue, we strive to deliver thought-provoking and informative articles, continually seeking to make the newspaper even better and more effective. We have expanded our news delivery, venturing into contemporary platforms—websites, digital issues, e-newsletters, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media.

Even so, our mission remains the same: Keeping Kentucky Baptists abreast of what’s going on across the state, nation and world. Each issue shares stories of how God is using Kentucky Baptists, their churches, and their convention in impacting spiritual lostness. Through its website and social media, the Western Recorder seeks to expand its reach, not for the sake of increasing numbers, but to help Kentucky Baptists see how their efforts and the Cooperative Program are impacting lives.

But we need your help! We need our faithful readers and pastors to help enlist more readers. We’re asking Kentucky Baptist churches that do not currently provide the Western Recorder for their members to begin receiving a bundle of 10, 25 or more copies to distribute on Sundays, to share with new members or prospects, to help elderly shut-ins stay connected, or to take with them on hospital visits. This is an excellent way to help your church members see what the Western Recorder—and being a Kentucky Baptist—is all about.

A bundle really is the most economical way for even smaller churches to receive their state Baptist newspaper and help keep church members connected with their state convention. A bundle of 10 copies is only $85. That’s for the entire year! Need more? No problem, you’ll save even more with a bundle of 25 copies.

We thank you, our loyal readers, for being a part of the WR family and helping us draw in more family members. If you are attending the state convention, stop by our booth in the exhibit hall. Or, you can call us toll-free at (866) 489-3442 to find out how your church can “Start Spreading the News.”

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