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Zimbabwe trip seeks to foster racial reconciliation


Kentucky Baptists partnered with IMB missionary Nick Moore and national pastors to take theological training to Zimbabwe.

ZIMBABWE—On Oct. 6-15, 13 Kentucky Baptists embarked on a mission trip to Zimbabwe, partnering with IMB missionary Nick Moore. Unlike a typical mission trip, their purpose was twofold: “to train pastors and lay leaders” and to “explore and model racial reconciliation,” according to Doug Williams, missions strategist with the Kentucky Baptist Convention.

Before the trip, each participant read “Removing the Stain of Racism from the Southern Baptist Convention” edited by Jarvis Williams and Kevin Jones. Practical racial reconciliation was a key focus of their time spent together as a team. Getting to know each other, learning about each other’s ministries and lives was a large part of travel time and nightly discussions.

In addition, openness about how to further improve race relations in the Southern Baptist Convention dominated group discussions. Williams said that during the trip, he saw “the overall experience of talking through issues related to race, how the gospel breaks down all dividing walls,” and believers modeling how to live in community begin taking shape. The team consisted of five Anglo-Americans and eight African-Americans.

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