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Do your kids know why some things are wrong and some are right?


It was a simple activity called “What Should I Do?” I used it with the children at my church as part of WOW Worship– our kid’s worship experience. I gave the children small slips of paper with various actions printed on them: obey your parents; cheat on a test; take care of your things; take something that is not yours; make fun of people; speak the truth; etc. There were 22 statements in all, some things you should do; some you shouldn’t.

I put a worship leader on each side of the room. The instructions were simple. Read your card. If it is something you should do, go stand with Meara. If it is something you should not do, go stand with Diana.

The activity was part of a unit called “Lessons to Live By.” The emphasis for the day was the Sermon on the Mount and how Jesus used it to teach us how to relate to God and to others. The key verse was Proverbs 8:33: “Listen to my instruction and be wise; do not ignore it.”

The children had no problem at all knowing where to stand– knowing what they should do and what they shouldn’t; knowing what was right and wrong. But here’s the interesting thing. When I asked them why, they couldn’t tell me. I gave them plenty of time to think. I prodded. I waited. But not one child could answer.

I take some consolation in knowing that at least the children knew what they should do, but I was very disappointed that they didn’t seem to know why. I kept waiting for someone to say, “Because the Bible says so,” or “Because God wants us to,” or even “Because my parents tell me to.” But it never came.

All of which leads to the question at the top of this column: Do your kids know why some things are wrong and some things are right? How would your children answer my question? What would they say?

I have always liked Deuteronomy 6:18: “Do what is right and good in the Lord’s sight.” I’m pretty sure it’s a Bible Drill verse. (Aren’t all the good ones?) The verse reminds us that some things are right and some things are wrong because God says so. Mom and Dad may say so. Teachers and church leaders may say so. Society may even say so. But at the end of the day, it’s what God says and what the Bible teaches that matters.

Do your kids know that?

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