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CLEAR CREEK: Just Google us!


Some of the most interesting stories I hear from students is how they came to know about Clear Creek. First year student Devon Guy is thankful for technology that makes it easier to find places like Clear Creek.

“I was not raised in a Christian home,” said Guy. “I was saved as a young boy under my grandfather who told me all about Jesus and what he had done for me. I surrendered to the ministry at 19. I went to a Bible college for a little while, but I needed money because I got married so I joined the Army.

“As time passed I drifted away from the Lord’s will in my life,” said Guy. “The Lord began to convict my heart about my walk with Him and on July 26, 2015, sitting on a hillside outside Seattle, Wash., I rededicated my life to the Lord. After that, I began trying my best to do whatever I think the Lord wants me to do because I want to be right in the middle of His will.

“I was in military intelligence and did two tours in Afghanistan,” said Devon. “I was in Afghanistan on my second deployment when I knew I was going to get out of the Army and go back to Bible college. I did a google search for ‘conservative Baptist colleges’ and Clear Creek Baptist Bible College was near the top of the list, and three years later here I am enrolled as a student. I even got information about the college sent to me all the way to Afghanistan!

“I have really enjoyed my experience here on campus,” said Devon. “I have made friends, got to know some of the faculty and staff and have already been doing a lot of homework. All my classes have been great and they have taught me how to work diligently. My favorite class will probably end up being Old Testament 1 because I need to grow in my Old Testament knowledge.

“There are no easy degrees here,” said Devon. “I would tell anyone considering ministry training that, if the Lord is leading them here there’s not a better place to learn more about Him, make friends and become betters servants for Christ in the future.”

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