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Ministering to families of special needs individuals


In recent years, the percentage of people with special needs has increased across our nation.

According to Kentucky data, identification of school children with special needs, the percent of population ages 3-5 is 10.2 percent; ages 6-21 is 8.8 percent. The number of children enrolled with disabilities in ages 6-21 is 81,363, compared to a total of 597,777 students (see www.ideadata.org).

Some Kentucky churches have programs that minister to families of special needs children, youth and adults. However, more churches need to include this as part of their outreach and ministry.

If a family attends your church, will there be inclusive programs for their special needs children? Will they want to return and make this their church home? Or, will they drop out and become the unchurched population of your community? Your church can help make that decision.

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