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CLEAR CREEK: Leaving as a couple


Many times, we have single students who initially come to Clear Creek by themselves but end up leaving as a couple after God joins them with their spouse while they are here. Alyssa Counts is one of our students who came to us as a single student from Michigan but who will be leaving as a couple. Alyssa is scheduled to graduate in December 2018. She is now married to Corey Counts who graduated in 2017.

“My brother Travis and I came to know Christ as children during Vacation Bible School, and the pastor who led us to Christ also led us to Clear Creek,” said Alyssa. “When my brother Travis said he was interested in going into ministry, our pastor got involved. He is a Clear Creek alumnus and he initially helped connect my brother and his wife to Clear Creek.   

“When I came to visit my brother and his wife with some of my family members, I felt God was calling me here to Clear Creek,” said Alyssa. “It was my senior year of high school and I was thinking ‘what do I want to do with my life?’ I saw Dr. Fox running with one of the other students on campus, and I thought that was the coolest thing. I did not think at first that I would attend Clear Creek. In fact, I remember saying to my family, ‘No, I’m never coming down here.’ Although I said that, I was still open to God’s plan and while I was still in town visiting, I finally did make the decision to surrender to God’s will for my life and attend Clear Creek.

Alyssa and Cory will move for Cory to pursue a master’s degree in 2018. Alyssa will look to continuing her love of worship in music, which is something she did while singing for chapel worship. “I would like to be involved in worship somewhere,” she explained. “I don’t know if that means leading worship in a church or teaching private lessons. Ever since I was 4 years old, my mom and I traveled and sang all over the place, so I’ve always had roots in singing and music and I feel God has prepared me for that area of ministry.”

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