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‘Cooperative Program is a God-thing’

West Kentucky church gives nearly 25 percent to missions


EDDYVILLE—First Baptist Church of Eddyville gives 19 percent of its undesignated receipts to the Cooperative Program with an additional 3 percent to the local association, Caldwell-Lyon Baptist Association, and other missions support, making a combined total of nearly 25 percent of offering receipts going to missions causes.

This “culture of misisons,” as director of misisons Rick Reeder deemed it, is no new thing to the church. The Western Kentucky church that averages 200 on Sundays has done this for 41 years, surpassing the $1 million contributed to CP mark years ago. Through the generosity of its members, Eddyville has sustained this level of giving.

The congregation began giving 19 percent in 1967 under RG Shelton, pastor at the time. For five years, this level continued. When he left, the amount dropped down to 10 percent. Over the next 15 years, the numbers fluctuated anywhere from 14 to 18 percent.

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