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FOUNDATION: School Time!


The beginning of a school term is always an exciting time for our children and young adults as they return to school and college campuses across the commonwealth. I recently received pictures of my oldest granddaughter as she began her first day of preschool. There was a twinkle in her bright eyes and a tear in mine as I reflected on her blessed life so far. For my granddaughter, the beginning of her next educational adventure should be smooth. But, for many budding young scholars, the hope of achieving their academic dreams may be deferred due to a lack of sufficient financial resources.      

The Kentucky Baptist Foundation is honored to work with numerous donors whose passion is helping students receive the necessary financial support to achieve their educational goals. One example of this collaboration is the scholarship funds that donors have created to help offset the costs of students’ education. For the upcoming academic year, the Kentucky Baptist Foundation had the privilege of awarding 56 scholarships to college and seminary students totaling $78,150 from the 17 scholarship endowments administered by the Foundation.

You may share this same commitment to helping students achieve their educational goals and would like to explore how you can implement a legacy gift plan to fund a scholarship endowment like the ones referenced above. Or, you may have a Christian school, college or Baptist seminary that you would like to support through a legacy gift.

The Kentucky Baptist Foundation staff is available to assist you by providing guidance in creating these scholarship funds and charitable endowments to support worthy Christian education causes across the state and the nation. To make intentional plans to care for your family and the ministries God is inspiring you to support, call upon the Kentucky Baptist Foundation as a helpful partner. If you have questions, please contact the Kentucky Baptist Foundation office at our toll-free number (866) 489-3533.

Richard Carnes is the president of the Kentucky Baptist Foundation, P O Box 436389, Louisville, KY 40253; toll-free (866)489-3533; KYBaptistFoundation.org

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