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CLEAR CREEK: A faith journey


I always receive a blessing when I open my mail and get to read letters from alumni who express appreciation for Clear Creek. I recently received a letter from the wife of an alumnus who had just passed away. She just wanted to write me and let me know how much Clear Creek had meant to their life and ministry throughout their years together. I know you will enjoy a little of this story about what Clear Creek meant to this couple.

“Our journey began as a young adult man thirty-one years old who surrendered to preach. God brought into our lives a Clear Creek graduate and his family. He had come from three years at Clear Creek to finish his fourth year at a college here in Georgia where we lived at the time. After talking with this man, Clear Creek seemed to be the right place for us. We visited the school, picked up our application packet, applied and was accepted for January 1979. We had to borrow the money to move since our house had not sold. Then we began our four-year journey.

“Our journey was hard, but so rewarding. As a young couple with two young daughters, we learned what true faith and trust in God really is. Many times, we did not have money to buy a stamp or a gallon of milk, but God always provided whether it was in the mailbox or a friend at Clear Creek. My husband learned what formed his legacy that is still going on today. Through the many professors he had at Clear Creek, he learned the Old and New Testament, the ministry of a pastor and so many other areas of ministry from those who taught and helped us through the years.

Ours truly was a faith journey. While at Clear Creek, my husband lost his father to cancer and I lost mine to a massive heart attack. Again, God was so faithful. I have said all this to let others know what God can do through one man who answers God’s call to the ministry and says, “I know the first thing I must do. I must go to school and prepare myself for the ministry.”

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