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Graduates share favorite memories (Part 3)


We are winding down our summer activates on campus. As I write this article we are already preparing houses for families who will be moving in today. It seems as though graduation was just last week. I have used these last few articles to share with you some favorite memories from our graduates. I know you will enjoy reading a few more from our graduates as they reflect on the impact Clear Creek had on them during their time here.

“I learned how to preach expository sermons at Clear Creek. I appreciated the love and support I was shown when I lost my granddad in November 2014. I remember Papa Ditty praying that I would be able to cry and I did. I will miss my walks with Dr. Lucas, and will always remember Dr. Fox and I having the servers sing “Happy Birthday” to each other at Gondolier. I also cherish the counseling and advice I received from Dean Goodman. He is an amazing pastor and mentor.”—Benjamin Carl Everly

“At Clear Creek, I received a greater understanding of the Bible and the context of each passage. The whole journey here has given me fond memories. I have made many friends and ministry partners throughout my time here. My family, especially my wife, Renita, has pushed me so hard to finish. This place will always be special to me.”—Berwin Anthony Hall

“My fondest memories here include time with friends, walks with Dr. Lucas and Ben Everly, and leading worship with Sam Gilbreath and Spencer Conner. Thanks to my Dad and Pastor Jeff for all their support and to Dr. Lucas and Dean Goodman for the long talks and being my mentors—men I look up to a lot. Thanks to Kellie for keeping me motivated and encouraged! Thanks to the Lord for leading me to Clear Creek. I also want to thank all my Clear Creek friends and family. God bless you all!” –Joshua Linton Kerr

“My fondest memories at Clear Creek are meeting some great friends and growing in my Bible knowledge which includes memorizing a large amount of scripture and gaining a basic understanding of Greek and Hebrew. And I want to thank my husband for always supporting and encouraging me.”Diana Ashley McKenney

Donnie Fox is president of Clear Creek Baptist Bible College, 300 Clear Creek Road, Pineville, KY 40977; toll-free: (866) 340-3196; ccbbc.edu; email: dfox@ccbbc.edu.

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