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Crossings Ministries launches Hub for youth & family ministry


Crossings Ministries has rebranded the Center for Children and Student Ministry. Under the leadership of Kevin Hall, Crossings’ director of programming and the Hub, the Hub is widening the focus of the previous center and will now include content, resources and events. Like the center, the Hub continues to provide coaching and consulting through their full-time staff and part-time, regionally focused specialists. These staff are available to speak at events, meet one-on-one with ministry leaders, and provide coaching in areas related to children’s, youth, and family ministry. With a focus on edifying, equipping and encouraging the local church, the Hub is positioning itself to help church leaders grow in faithfulness. 

On the Hub’s website, located at youthandfamilyhub.org, ministry leaders and parents will find ministry-focused blogs posted weekly, an upcoming fall and spring podcast series, and ministry resources. These resources include lectures from a Crossings’ sponsored conference on apologetics at Cedarville University. In partnership with Crossings, the Hub also produced a new discipleship workbook, Crossing to Christ. Crossing to Christ is an introduction to Christianity for young believers and aims to help readers answer two life-shaping questions: “Who is God?” and “Who am I?” Featuring chapters from many leading evangelical leaders, Crossing to Christ is a premier resource for parents and ministry leaders to disciple young believers in the basics of the Christian faith.

The Hub also plans to provide and staff events in partnership with Crossings and the Kentucky Baptist Convention. Their Child Protection Policy Seminar is a one-day event focused on training and equipping ministry leaders to create a safe environment for children and students. November’s Leading with Love conferences are aimed at equipping parents with a biblical foundation to lead and love their kids on a day-to-day basis. The Hub will also provide its regional specialists and full-time consultants to speak on children’s and youth ministry related topics at Kentucky’s Super Saturday events around the state.

As the Hub moves forward, Kevin Hall plans to maintain a focus on the local church: “Our hope is that we will be faithful to come alongside you in the local church and equip you to lead for God’s glory. We want to do this with the gospel and God’s Word at the center of all we do while making discipleship our priority.”

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