"Shine Like Stars In The World" Philippians 2:15
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EDITORIAL: Caleb and the crab: Awareness matters!


"Get out of the way! Got to get to the beach!" Caleb just has a way of making us laugh at ourselves.

On a recent trip to the beach, after nearly 10 hours traveling in a car, we had grown a little punchy and eager to get there. Whenever we got behind a pokey car, my son would crack us up with his Arnold Schwarzenegger impression.

On another trip to a beach, Caleb was covering himself up with sand. Suddenly he bolted to his feet, howling in panic, his arms flailing about frantically. “What in the world?” I asked. Before he could answer, a crab almost the size of a jar lid went hurling into the air.

As Caleb was digging, the crab had grasped hold of his finger. More alarmed than in pain, Caleb now peered about wild-eyed for the far-flung crustacean, as if it were some huge sea serpent that washed ashore. The crab, likely as surprised to have found itself cartwheeling high above the sand, appeared stunned for a moment before scurrying off, eyeing Caleb sideways as it went.

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