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CLEAR CREEK: Graduates share favorite memories


More graduates reflect on the impact Clear Creek had on them during their time here:

“I would not be who I am today or where I am today if not for the godly witness of my parents and sister. I will forever be thankful for how they have led me to know about God, His Word, and His church. Furthermore, my church family has helped and supported me in every way possible. I am so thankful for them. Dr. Bill Helton and Sister Brenda have been such precious mentors, advisors and friends. I will always be thankful for how the Lord has shaped me by using them. All of my professors and the administration at CCBBC have been tremendous blessings and I am thankful for each of them. To God be the glory!”—William Brittain

 “While at Clear Creek, I have furthered my knowledge of the Bible, learned about planning a worship event and serving in local churches. I have enjoyed late-night studying and hiking as well as working with friends. I also want to thank my family and friends who have made my time at Clear Creek so incredible.”—Spencer Conner

“I gained self-confidence in preaching and learned about my strengths and weaknesses while at Clear Creek. I enjoyed many times of laughter and prayer with my friends. I also married my wife, Alyssa, during my time here. One of the funniest memories I have is watching Ben Everly ride a skateboard. My appreciation goes out to my wife, my family, my wife’s family, as well as the staff and students of Clear Creek.”—Cory Counts

My fondest memories come from my time at the Kingston, Tenn., extension center. I was able to learn under some incredible professors who have had a profound influence on my ministry. Dr. Roy Graves, Dr. Sonny Works and Dr. Waylon Payne have etched in me a love for the ministry in which we find ourselves compelled to minister. While distance learning is at its nature a challenge, Clear Creek has provided a platform for formal biblical learning that will forever leave a mark on my ministry. For that, I am eternally grateful. I am also so very grateful for the support and patience of my wife and children during my time at Clear Creek.”—Michael DeLand

“At Clear Creek, I have discovered a part of God that I had never known, and that He loves me more than I could ever imagine!”—Cassandra Dowell

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