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Churches encouraged to become engaged in foster care and adoption


The Dumas Family

Frankfort---With 8,527 children in the foster care system in Kentucky—entering at a rate of one child every two hours and 25 minutes—the church and faith-based community at large needs—to get involved by educating themselves and engaging on every –level, Dan Dumas, the commonwealth’s recently appointed czar for foster care and adoption, said.

“Children don’t flourish in institutions. They flourish in homes,” Dumas continued. “We need great foster and forever families. That is a fact. And the church, the faith-based community, is the fertile place that should own this problem.”

Dumas, an elder at Crossing Church of Louisville and former senior vice president for institutional administration at Southern Seminary, sees his new position as a calling, referring to himself as a “benevolent disrupter.” He sees his experience in the military, marketplace, ministry, and executive leadership as invaluable to this new appointment.

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