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CLEAR CREEK: Graduates share favorite memories


Graduation is always a special time at Clear Creek. I know you will enjoy reading some favorite memories from our graduates as they reflect on the impact Clear Creek had on them during their time here.

“My fondest memory from Clear Creek is that although I was an online student, I was still able to sense the spirituality and love for Jesus that the professors and staff have. As a pastor, I found that the lectures served not only to educate me, but also to feed me spiritually. I also want to thank my wife, my family, my church, and especially our Lord for the support that has been afforded me.”—Bruce Harrison

“My fondest memory at CCBBC was the fellowship I enjoyed with the guys on trips during Clear Creek Days. I want to thank my parents and grandparents for their support throughout my education.”—Joel Goliver

“My fondest memories at Clear Creek are attending Pork-a-Paloozas and playing botchie ball in Dr. Merrick’s class. I also want to thank my family and friends who have supported me, but I especially want to thank my husband and my sister, Maddie, and my son, Grayson, without whom I could not have done this.”—Shirley Renee Schofill

“My fondest memories will be of the encouragement from all of my professors to diligently study my Bible from the perspective of the authors’ intent. Moreover, they have taught me to always exegete the passages and never, ever eisegete! Two semesters of Hebrew opened my eyes to the five ‘solas.’ I will always remember the encouragement from my faithful wife, Jan, who loves the Lord with all her heart.—Leuico Carter Welch

“During my time at Clear Creek, I’ve had some of the fondest times in my life. Through all of it, I’ve gained a better understanding of my Lord and Savior and His love for His children. I’ve gained a greater knowledge of the scriptures and confidence in teaching as I go on to ministry. I’m thankful to have met professors and staff who have poured into my life both in and out of the classroom. I have also been blessed to form some of my closest friendships. I cannot praise God enough for bringing me to Clear Creek and for all He’s done in my life during these years.”—Rachel Lynn Allen

Donnie Fox is president of Clear Creek Baptist Bible College, 300 Clear Creek Road, Pineville, KY 40977; toll-free: (866) 340-3196; ccbbc.edu; email: dfox@ccbbc.edu.

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