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EDITORIAL: Resolution needed to clarify stance on diversity


Not too long ago, the Southern Baptist Convention elected its first African-American president, Fred Luter of New Orleans. The denomination also has gone on record denouncing the sins of past racism that surrounded its formation in 1845 and more recently has repudiated the Confederate battle flag in a sign of racial solidarity. This year, H.B. Charles Jr., of Jacksonville, Fla., became the first black president of the Pastors’ Conference, and Walter Strickland, an African American leader at Southeastern Seminary, was elected as first vice president of the SBC.

Still, after its Resolutions Committee failed to bring a resolution denouncing the alt-right movement—which promotes white supremacy, white nationalism and racial separatism—confusion in getting a resolution to a vote created quite a stir. Some on social media and in other news outlets misperceived the SBC’s apparent inaction as having racist overtones. Nothing could have been further from the truth.

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