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Online program provides opportunity for bi-vocational pastor


Online student Bill Felker is a busy bi-vocational pastor. He is thankful for our online program that allows him to receive training for ministry.

“My walk with God started late in my life,” said Felker. “I was 33 when I came to know Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. I questioned God as He called me to surrender to ministry.

 “While doing some yard work one day, I entered my home in tears and asked my wife, ‘If God calls me to preach will you follow?’ She turned from me, went to the table, and picked up her prayer journal and told me to read the first line: there she had written: ‘Lord let my husband surrender to your will.’  She looked at me and said I will follow you wherever He sends you,” he recalled. “On July 13, 2012, under the convicting power of God, I surrendered my life to God’s will and went into the ministry.”

“My family and I prayed for many days and nights for God’s guidance to the college I should attend,” said Felker. “I had made plans to tour another college but my schedule didn't allow it to happen. My wife attended a women’s meeting at church and she heard the speaker talk about Clear Creek Bible Baptist College. After hearing all the great news about Clear Creek, my wife and I made plans to go and visit the college. The day upon my arrival on campus, I knew that God had led me to this college. I spent the early morning praying and walking the beautiful campus grounds, which led me to enroll.

“Clear Creek’s online program has allowed me to serve as a bi-vocational pastor at Pole Bridge Missionary Baptist Church, work a 50-hour workweek, balance family life, and grow in God’s knowledge. The online professors are very knowledgeable in their courses and are there to assist you in any way they can. I have especially enjoyed the New and Old Testament courses. These classes have given me a more in-depth understanding of God’s word.”

“I would encourage anyone to consider Clear Creek Baptist Bible College for their ministry training,” said Felker. “You will not be disappointed. God has placed Clear Creek in this world for men and women who have been called to do His will.”

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