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Southern professor to lead adoption overhaul in Kentucky


The Dumas Family

Louisville—Dan Dumas, a teaching pastor and elder at Crossing Church in Louisville and senior vice president for institutional administration at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, has been appointed by Gov. Matt Bevin as a czar to lead an overhaul of the adoption and foster care system in Kentucky.

Dumas, a father of two adopted sons, Aiden and Elijah, has a heart for adoption. In addition, he is a Navy veteran and a published author.

In a statement, Dumas said, “I am resolved to make our adoption and foster care system faster, safer, more affordable, and more accessible. Gov. Bevin and I are committed, along with many other Kentuckians, to not back down until every orphan in Kentucky has a loving home.”

Dumas’ new position, which has a contract for one year, starting in June, is renewable for two more years. Dumas will have an office at the state capitol and will report directly to the governor.

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