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Student thankful for bi-Vocational minister’s certificate program


This semester Clear Creek launched our bi-vocational minister’s certificate program. The generosity of donors have provided some endowed scholarships that we are able to use to provide this training tuition-free. We had a great response to the program and now have 35 bi-vocational ministers from all across our Kentucky Baptist Convention who are receiving some ministry training for the first time. We recently heard from Jamie Reynolds, one of our students in the program.

“I have no idea what a typical bi-vocational pastor’s certificate program student at the Creek looks like,” said Reynolds. “I can tell you what my life looks like. After both serving for 20-plus years in Law Enforcement in Alabama, my wife Rachael and I moved to eastern Kentucky as North American Mission Board MSC Missionaries. For the first eight years, we served as the directors of a ministry center in Letcher County. “Five years ago Rachel and I we were assigned as missions and ministry catalysts with the Three Forks Baptist Association,” said Reynolds. “Two years later, I was called as part-time director of missions, and Rachael, as the part-time ministry assistant. This new role is in addition to our continued service as MSC missionaries. I also currently serve one of our association churches as Interim pastor.

“There is not a whole lot of free time built into our schedule, but I have long held the desire to finish the Bible college degree that I started many years ago. I had thought of trying to take online classes or even drive the two hours over to Clear Creek for classes, but had never been able to pull that trigger. It was too hard, and although Clear Creek prices are very competitive, it was still out of my reach financially. “The scholarship made available for bi-vocational pastors to enroll in the certificate program encouraged me to go ahead and take that step,” said Reynolds. “In spite of the fact that, at times, it feels much like drinking water from a fire hydrant, I have already learned so much, just in the first half of the first semester. The instructors are great, the assignments are challenging but not overwhelming, and the online forums with the other students have been a huge blessing. I am very thankful for Clear Creek giving me this opportunity to “study to show myself approved.”

Donnie Fox is president of Clear Creek Baptist Bible College, 300 Clear Creek Road, Pineville, KY 40977; toll-free: (866) 340-3196; ccbbc.edu; email: dfox@ccbbc.edu.

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