"Shine Like Stars In The World" Philippians 2:15
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EDITORIAL: Showers of blessing, gardens of love


Two weekends ago, while my wife was out of town taking care of her mother, my son and I took a notion to do something thoughtful for her. As an early Mother’s Day surprise, which hopefully will be in bloom by then, Caleb and I planted a flower bed.

We went to our local garden supply store and picked out some annuals. Neither of us knows a lot about flowers, so we picked out some beautiful, but rather odd-looking ones — snap dragons, celosias and dahlias. While not your typical garden selec-tions for sure, they’re certainly reflective of our personalities, some would say.

When Michelle returned, she caught the planting bug, too. The strawberry plants on our deck doubled over the winter and needed to be repotted, and some tomato plants she’d ordered arrived. Our deck garden is taking root.

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