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State senator and wife adopt ‘snowflake baby’


Senator Whitney Westerfield, his wife Amanda and their daughter Hadley announced on Twitter April 16 that they were expecting "Baby Dubs #2."

HOPKINSVILLE—For many couples struggling with infertility, invitro fertilization (IVF) is the choice they use to conceive. Most often, though, after the family has, for one reason or another, decided to stop growing their family, there are multiple embryos frozen that the couple then must make a decision regarding.

The popular options before them are to donate the embryos to science, where they are essentially destroyed, have them destroyed, or leave them frozen until eventually they are destroyed. Because the pro-life stance dictates that life begins at conception (or fertilization, depending on who is defining it), these embryos are human beings, and destruction of them is essentially dealing them a death sentence.

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