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CLEAR CREEK: Newlywed Enjoying Her Time On Campus


We have many students who come to campus single and before they leave, they are married. That seems to be happening a lot as we see the average age of our students continue to drop. New student Summer Gilbreath knew her husband Sam when he came to campus as a single student, but their relationship changed after he arrived on campus and she continued to visit him while he was here. She is thankful for God's provision in her husband Sam and bringing her to Clear Creek.

"I was attending Vacation Bible School at my church in the summer of 2005, says Gilbreath. “One of the teachers was telling the kids how she became a Christian and her story really touched me. The Holy Spirit moved in me and that is when I accepted Jesus as my Savior."

“Sam and I have been married a little over a year now,” says Gilbreath. “We are really enjoying married life together. I literally found out about Clear Creek through my husband Sam. He was already attending Clear Creek when we started dating. I came to campus several times to visit him and I thought the campus was awesome. Sam and I recently got married and that is how I got to Clear Creek. I am not sure where the Lord is leading Sam or me in our ministry service. I do know that I am to be a minister's wife, so wherever Sam goes I will follow and be his helper."

"I have already completed some classes at Clear Creek,” says Gilbreath. “I really enjoy the Bible classes because I learn so much. I do not have much knowledge of the Bible, and the professors here are so intelligent they make it so fun and interesting. I want to have more knowledge of the Bible so I can be better equipped for being a minister's wife. I believe the Bible classes will benefit me the most."

"Clear Creek is a great place to be,” says Gilbreath. “The atmosphere is wonderful and the people here are so genuine. You need to be dedicated though. The workload will be heavy so you will need to take your classes and studies seriously and not waste your time. In the end though, all the work will be worth it."

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