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Portion of road named for 'Frankfort's pastor'


Wallace and Bettye Zoe Kent

FRANKFORT—A one mile stretch of Georgetown Road in Frankfort is being renamed for “Frankfort's pastor,” Wallace Kent.

Kent was the pastor at Crestwood Baptist Church in Frankfort for 38 years, before “retiring” and becoming the pastor for pastoral care at Buck Run Baptist, also in Frankfort. Kent passed away in 2012.

"He ministered in Frankfort so faithfully for so many years. I think it astounding that even a secular culture recognizes that a man of God has been here and wanted to commemorate that,” Hershael York, pastor of Buck Run Baptist Church, said.

"To name that stretch of Georgetown Road in honor of Wallace Kent is both fitting and also an incredible testimony to the impact that a man of God can have on a community,” he said.

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