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Churches have a partner in reaching, discipling students


LOUISVILLE — Kentucky Baptist churches are needed to be a bridge between truth and a younger generation sinking further into cultural chaos, according to a Baptist collegiate ministry leader.

“The window of decision is slowly closing on Kentucky students, and if churches don’t act, many may never escape the certainty of an eternity separated from God,” said Brian Combs, the Kentucky Baptist Convention’s collegiate ministry strategist.

Only 5 percent of Kentucky’s middle school through college-aged students profess to be active Christians, and Combs said more than half of them will walk away from their faith after high school.

Combs said the KBC’s campus ministry is seeking to partner with churches and help every student on every campus have an opportunity to hear and respond to the gospel.

Through events like Converge, an intensive two-day evangelism experience, Combs said young adults can find a real relationship with God and a renewed purpose to share the gospel on the campus mission field.

The KBC-sponsored event drew more than 300 students in 2016.

Converge 2017 runs Sept. 22-24 at Cedarmore Camp & Conference Center in Bagdad and will feature evangelist Tom Richter and the Better Life Church band from Morehead.

Combs said his hope is that churches will consider Converge they begin their annual budget discussions.

“Only with churches standing in the gap will we have a revival of new believers trained and ready to carry the torch of truth to the nations,” Combs said.

To learn more about Converge, visit www.convergeky.com. Also, check out www.kybcm.org to learn more about Kentucky Baptist collegiate ministries and events aimed at helping churches engage and disciple 12- to 24-year-old students. (KBC)

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