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CLEAR CREEK: Great Commission Project


In Romans 10:14-15, Paul asks four very important questions highlighting the importance of sending the saints into service. He knew that God designed the gospel to be shared by faithful men and women. Clear Creek takes this calling seriously. Our faculty and staff also pastor churches, serve as interim, or provide pulpit supply on any given Sunday. We include opportunities like this for our students through our Great Commission Project.

Each semester a team of students commits to participating in ministry weekends that include teaching, preaching, or sharing their testimonies. Prospective team members are required to submit a written testimony, gospel presentation, and an audio sermon. Each member views an orientation video presented by Alan Dodson, Regional Consultant for the Kentucky Baptist Convention, preparing him to be a guest speaker. The team receives a $250 scholarship toward their school account for participating in all scheduled Great Commission Project Days. We do not require a stipend, but if the churches provides one we divide it equally among the team.

The Spring 2017 team is comprised of freshmen Jared Styles and Ryan Chapman, sophomore Cody Simpkins, and senior Josh Kerr. Each team member has completed all the requirements and holds an acceptable GPA. Our goal is to develop the team’s leadership skills and give them practical experience in the local church.

This semester Clear Creek will participate in three Great Commission Project weekends. On March 26, we will serve at the Union Baptist Association with 2012 alumnus Ray Umphrey and 1993 alumnus and current trustee Daryl Mullins. On April 1, the team will travel to West Virginia to serve with alumnus Ken Lake in the Monongahela Baptist Association. Finally, on April 23, we will serve at the South Union Mt. Zion Baptist Association with Steve Jet.

Typically associations commit to have our Great Commission Team on a Sunday morning or Sunday night to preach in participating churches. The pastors enjoy a time of fellowship and mentorship while the student gains ministry experience.

To learn more about the Great Commission Project go to www.ccbbc.edu/the-great-commission-project/. To schedule a Great Commission Project in your area contact our College Relations director, David Dowell at (606) 337-3196 or email collegerelations@ccbbc.edu.

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