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Walton church’s steeple toppled by storms


Walton — First Baptist Church of Walton lost its steeple as straight line winds and storms swept across the state Feb. 28 and Mar. 1.

However, “the way everything worked out, even in the storm, the Lord took care of us,” said David Wiggins, pastor of First Baptist.

The 35-foot-tall steeple was the only thing that was majorly damaged, with no apparent damage to the inside of the building.

No injuries were reported, although the steeple fell during the middle of the early morning work commute, causing traffic delays.

The congregation was able to resume regular services on Sunday, Wiggins noted. He encouraged church members to use the time they would normally be attending its mid-week service to help others who were “worse off” in the community.

Other damage reported by Kentucky Baptist churches included the roof of Kattawa Baptist’s family life center was rolled back, a metal carport at First Baptist of La Center was blown away, and Oak Ridge Baptist in Berry had its steeple partially detached. (WR)

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