"Shine Like Stars In The World" Philippians 2:15
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Are you & your kids caught up in the self-esteem revolution?


Psychologist John Rosemond calls it the self-esteem revolution and says, "It began sometime in the early 1970's when psychologists and other mental health "experts" began beating the drum of high self-esteem." In his book, "Grandma Was Right After All" Rosemond remembers the days when children were upbraided for calling too much attention to themselves or becoming puffed up with pride over some accomplishment. "This was before instilling high self-esteem into children became parents' raison d'etre, before parents began thinking it was cute to have three-year-olds entertain adults with renditions of popular country songs." The times they have a changed! Today's children think it's all about them. They are overly confident and tend to overestimate their own abilities. They don't hesitate to argue with parents, teachers and other adults about anything and everything. Parents fuel the fire by bragging on their children's accomplishments, plastering their cars with bumper stickers proclaiming their kids as honor students or terrific kids and allowing children to be the center of attention. Bible teacher and counselor, Steve Pettit points out, "We will be very hard pressed to find Bible verses that encourage self-focus or self-esteem. However, we find numerous verses telling us things like, ‘Don't think more highly of yourself than you should … don't be self-willed … self-loving, self-indulgent, self-exalting …,' to name a few! Pettit concludes, "We will never live for Christ by paying so much attention to ourselves." It might be time to start teaching that truth to our children.

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