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Minister's Retreat Cottages


Clear Creek Baptist Bible College has a long history of serving the local church. In fact, one of our four core values is focused specifically toward the local church with a commitment to do what we can as an institution to strengthen the local church. This core value reads:

"Servant of the Churches: We are a community that exists to train individuals sent to us by the churches. We commit ourselves to serve the needs of the church."

Since 1926 Clear Creek Baptist Bible College has been committed to equipping those called of God to Christian service and helping them prepare for ministry in the local church. We know that when a student graduates and leaves our campus for the ministry field, they still need encouragement and support.

Not only Clear Creek graduates, but any minister who God calls to serve in a local church setting will experience times in their ministry where they need some rest, relaxation and encouragement. We want all ministers to know that there is a place here on our campus where you can experience that time of rest that you need.

It is the privilege of many on our staff to travel all over Kentucky and beyond to encourage pastors and churches in the name of Jesus Christ. In doing so, we hear testimonies from our alumni and friends of how God is working in the church and on the mission field. Our faculty and staff know from experience the joy that comes from serving God's people and the weight of responsibility that comes with Kingdom work.

In an effort to minister to those who are ministering to others, Clear Creek has designated two Ministers Retreat Cottages on our campus for ministers and their families to enjoy at no cost to them. Nestled on Clear Creek's beautifully wooded campus, the Minister's Retreat Cottage offers a quiet, restful place for ministers and their families to come renew their walk with Christ.

The cottages are available Monday through Friday or from Friday through Monday, offering a week or weekend getaway for those actively involved in ministry. All you have to do is contact us and schedule a time when you and your family can come.

If you would like more information: visit https://www.ccbbc.edu/minister-retreat-house/, email development@ccbbc.edu, or call 606) 337-3196 Ext. 102. Let us share our campus with you!

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