Online student having fun learning at Clear Creek

By Donnie Fox

Published: February 21, 2017

Online student Heath Smith is from Church Hill, Tenn. He serves as pastor of McPheeters Bend Missionary Baptist Church. He is having fun learning at Clear Creek.

“I was saved when I was 10,” said Smith. “When I was 16 years old, I surrendered my life to the ministry. Even after that I still did not know where God wanted me to serve. I attempted going to a community college in 2012, but it was awful. They say if you’re not doing what God has called you to do, you may not find happiness. Well, I can attest to that. My friend had completed his degree at Clear Creek, and he seemed to be very knowledgeable, and since I looked up to him, I knew that Clear Creek was the place to further my knowledge. Without any second thoughts, I enrolled at Clear Creek in 2015. I am currently working on my degree in ministry, and I feel like God wants me to remain a pastor from now until the end of my life.”

My time at Clear Creek has been so much fun,” said Smith. “Most people dread when school starts back, but not for a student at Clear Creek. I hate when a semester ends, and I have to wait for another to start. My favorite teachers are Dr. John Ditty and Dr. Roy Lucas. Dr. Lucas is just someone you could hang out with and learn so much just from his actions, and Dr. Ditty is the most heartfelt professor I have ever met. Not one lecture goes by that he does not motivate me to action.”

“All of my classes have been very useful, but my favorite so far has been educational administration,” said Smith. “I love learning new strategies to equip and lead the church God has placed me in. Since my time at Clear Creek, I have learned so much about God's word and how to better serve Him.”

“If you are thinking about ministry training, do it at Clear Creek,” said Smith. “You will learn so much and you will clearly see what it means to serve the Creator of the universe. I guess that’s why they call it CLEAR Creek!

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