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Kentucky WMU: ‘Why we do what we do’


For those who are not aware: The Eliza Broadus Offering is the Kentucky State Missions Offering! Just as the Lottie Moon Offering provides funding for international missions, and the Annie Armstrong Offering provides money for missions in North America, EBO provides vital funds for missions in Kentucky. While it may seem that I am stating the obvious, a recent conversation revealed that not every Kentucky Baptist has made this connection.

Why do we have a state missions offering? Because people in our state are lost and need to know about Jesus. Because we need to reach the lost through language missions, collegiate ministries, church planting, evangelism, community ministries, and more. Because we can help put state missionaries and church planters in strategic places to reach the lost. Because there are also ministries to reach the lost staffed by volunteers who need help with ministry expenses. Because we have Baptist associations and member churches who are on mission together to reach the lost in their part of our state.

Sandy Wisdom-Martin, our national WMU Executive Director, has urged us all not to forget why we do what we do. Sandy says her why, and the why of WMU, and the why of missions is that broken people are in need of restoration and healing. I resonate with Sandy’s passion when she says, “I believe in the restoration of brokenness through hope in Jesus Christ.”

Next week the Finance Committee of Kentucky WMU will review over $200,000 in requests for grants to help ministries share Jesus. We have $100,000 available from this year’s offering designated for special ministries. Please pray for wisdom as applications are considered and the dollars stretched.

Our goal for this year is $1,250,000. The Cooperative Program and EBO together provide funding for many ministries through the Missions Mobilization and the Evangelism teams of the Kentucky Baptist Convention. Your gifts and prayers help to tell the story of hope in Christ.

Why do you give and pray for missions? What is your passion? What drives you to your knees? What stirs you to give sacrificially? Thank you for giving to the Eliza Broadus Offering for Kentucky State Missions. Someone found hope today!

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