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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Different perspective


In your Jan, 10 issue, I commend you for printing the article by Katie McCoy. She certainly brings a different way to deal with the issue of abortion.

While I do not condone abortion, I do think that focusing on the mother rather than just the unborn baby is worthy of much more consideration. I believe our churches as a whole have not dealt favorably with the “sexual revolution” — hence the “fix” of employing abortion, which is not acceptable to the church.

I know that not all abortions are the result of insurmountable economic conditions, but for a respected professor of women's studies to share a different and viable perspective is very enlightening. I agree that to be pro-life, we must also be anti-poverty. I would further agree that for Christians to be effective in this issue, we must minister to the women, in their circumstances, with Christian love and empathy.

Perhaps taking a positive approach to reach people with a message of love and support will lessen the likelihood of wants and needs for using abortion as a means to prevent bringing children into the world for whom they cannot provide.

Thank you for providing this article.

Jane Humphrey


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