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Explore Boston, find new ministry partnerships


LOUISVILLE — Explore historic Boston and find new ministry partnerships at an upcoming vision tour provided by the Kentucky Baptist Convention.

The Boston Send City Vision Tour, April 17-20, is available to Kentucky Baptist pastors, directors of missions and missions leaders looking to provide their churches with engaging opportunities to share the gospel.

Participants will meet Boston church planters and learn about ministries that seek to reach the overwhelming number of people who do not have a personal relationship with Christ.

“Most people living in the Boston metro area are Catholics, and the group following close behind are those who claim no religious affiliation at all,” said KBC Missions Strategist Doug Williams.

With a population of 5.9 million people, the Greater Boston metro region has 115 Southern Baptist Convention churches, or about one church for every 39,257 people.

“There is a tremendous lack of churches all over Boston,” said Boston City Missionary David Butler. The goal, he said, is to plant 100 churches by 2020 with at least one church plant in every one of Boston's 24 neighborhoods.

Butler, a former Kentucky Baptist pastor and graduate of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, will lead the KBC vision tour of Boston.

The cost of the four-day tour is $250 per person and includes airfare, transportation while in Boston, meals and lodging. Register before March 10 at www.kybaptist.org/boston. (BP)

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