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Kentucky Disaster Relief on alert


LOUISVILLE– More than 7,000 Kentucky Baptist Disaster Relief volunteers were placed on alert Tuesday afternoon as another major winter storm heads toward Kentucky.

“We could have multiple call-outs across the state if this storm plays out as predicted,” said Coy Webb, head of disaster relief for the Kentucky Baptist Convention.

Forecasts show that Kentucky could get from 3 to 12 inches of snow beginning Wednesday and continuing Thursday.

“Some models are predicting heavy accumulation of ice and sleet, which tend to wreak havoc on tree limbs and electrical lines,” Webb said.

In the event of major power outages due to downed power lines, Webb said Kentucky Baptists are ready to respond. Chainsaw units and feeding units that can prepare thousands of hot meals for victims of a disaster, as well as chaplains, would be sent to hard-hit areas.

“Our disaster volunteers are up to the task,” Webb said, “and ready to serve at a moment’s notice for the glory of Christ.”

Webb encouraged disaster volunteers to keep a watch out for email updates or a change in response status via the Kentucky Baptist Disaster Relief Facebook page.

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